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Health Resort

*Company reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to change prices or discounts applicable to products/services.

*Bundle packages are available; see special programs.
*Additional fees may apply

Body Therapy

Body therapy could be defined as an adjunct therapy that can be recommended in addition to psychotherapy all done by healthcare professionals in Jamaica.

It typically includes massage, movement, and exercises. The therapies are based on the theory that the body and its functioning embody an individual's basic personality and way of life.

The aim is to relieve psychological tensions and other symptoms through body manipulation, relaxation, breathing, and positional and postural adjustments.

Select the preferred body region when booking:

  • Back & Shoulder

  • Upper / Lower Extremities

  • Scalp, Neck, and Shoulders

  • Full Body

*Starting Price: JM$5225(US$33)  
In-home service available at an additional fee. Contact us for more details

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