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Supreme Essential Therapy

Supreme Essential Therapy, is a Caribbean-based health and wellness consultation network striving to be right there with you on your health and wellness journey.

Our dedicated team of professionals provides medical reviews, expert points of view, and clinical guidance.

Being unwell can significantly impact your daily life, influencing your mood, emotions, mental health, and posture to functional ability. Getting well and staying well can be hard. Our aim is to guide, support, and encourage you along your healing journey.

Programs are designed to help you own your well-being with simple, evidence-based, person-first practices.

As clients come to us with unique challenges, our organization listens closely and puts empathy first. Because we are here for the whole person at any age/stage of life, Supreme Essential Therapy directly and impartially covers various areas of healthcare, using alternative and holistic services.

We hope you explore all the options available when setting up yourself and the people you love on a path for a better quality of life.

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The Supreme Essential Therapy team appreciates you!

Our Partners

Edgeport Medical and Dental 2012 partner with Supreme Essential Therapy. One of the locations we operate from.
Vivo Health Services partner with Supreme Essential Therapy. One of the locations we operate from

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